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LEGO has been around for a long time, and has a lot of story behind its themes and characters. This Wiki will be a resource for all this story, plus some added information to connect gaps in the storyline. However, this is a solo project of mine, so please refrain from editing.
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08/08/09 - Sam Sinister

Who is Sam Sinister? You may know him as "Baron von Barron", "Mr. Hates", "Sam Sanister" "Lord Sam Sinister", or many other names that LEGO has given him. In fact, he alone may have more names than anything else in LEGO. It's easy to get confused, what with LEGO being inconsistent and all. An excellent example would be the Slizers (or the Throwbots), but this isn't about them. Currently, the former-Baron current-Lord holds the title of owning the longest page on the Constructopedia. Therefore, we're giving him a hand (because he's only got one), and giving him another title: Featured Article.

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Quite unfortunately, this Wiki has no real videos to feature, other than this silly one about camping trips and Wikia. So, we're just going to have to keep this one here... for now.


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